The GES Board of Governors is the governing board of the School. It is currently made up of both elected parents and external members.

The Board plays a governing and oversight role for the School, working closely with the Headmaster on matters of policy, strategy, staffing, development and budget management.

The Board operates within the rules set by the Association (known as the Statutes). Governors are elected annually at the Annual General Meeting usually held in early June.

The Board of Governors is currently made up of the following members:

  • Ms Kate Bontekoe (Chair)
  • Mr John Humphreys (Vice Chair)
  • Ms Jo Fulton (Treasurer)
  • Mr Nigel Archdale
  • Mrs Emily Persse
  • Mr Peter Simpson
  • Mr Andrew Mends
  • Ms Izumi Takase
  • Mr Patrick Le Roy (Clerk)
  • Mr Tim Meunier (Ex Officio)