Our values and vision

Our core values of teamwork, community, respect, courage, opportunity and integrity really matter to us and extend to the whole community, both adults and children. They represent fundamental beliefs and ideals that we share and to which we are committed.


Working with co-operation, purpose and commitment to achieve together; living with each other in a spirit of collaboration and fellowship; always looking to help and encourage other people and to see the best in others.



Learning to live, work and play together; feeling happy, safe and confident in our environment and helping others to feel the same; appreciating the importance and the contribution of every member of our society; understanding how we can contribute positively to the lives of those living and working in the locality of the school and to society more widely; learning to be responsible citizens of GES and of the world.



Celebrating and valuing our differences, whether in appearance, culture, race, religion, opinion or skills; appreciating our similarities; identifying and combatting discrimination; being empathetic and able to see things from different points of view; having respect for democracy and the rule of law; having respect for our environment and having a commitment to global sustainability; showing kindness and thoughtfulness to others.



Tackling new challenges with determination; growing in independence, with the confidence to try things even if they might be difficult; showing resilience; never giving up; challenging behaviours and attitudes that are contrary to our shared values.



Having the motivation to make the most of the openings and chances that come our way at GES; being the best we can be in all we do; pursuing excellence in our learning; being open-minded, curious and adaptable to change.



Being open, honest and true to ourselves; being courteous and polite; having the moral strength to make the right choices; doing the right thing when nobody is watching; having the motivation to complete tasks to the best of our ability.


Our Vision

Our vision is to provide an outstanding education within a caring and collaborative learning environment. We take the traditions and values of British education and combine them with the best of modern, international programmes to create an engaging, relevant and cutting-edge education that prepares individuals for the interconnected world of the future.


Geneva English School aims to enable its vision by providing:

  • A warm, welcoming and outward-looking international community in which the fundamental values of GES are lived out in reality;
  • A caring, purposeful and stimulating environment in which boys and girls feel happy and confident, and where staff and pupils enjoy working and learning together.
  • An atmosphere of teamwork, fun and self-motivation in which the talents and interests of every individual are encouraged and developed;
  • Sensitive pastoral care based upon a close understanding of each individual child;
  • Opportunities for personal social development that encourage and promote thoughtfulness, empathy and integrity;
  • A curriculum that is engaging, relevant and challenging and in which linguistic, mathematical, scientific, technological, physical, creative, social, moral and spiritual elements are intrinsic and interlinked components;
  • Expert, well-motivated members of staff who are committed to the continual improvement of the school, to their own professional development, and to the happiness, development and success of the children;
  • Opportunities for pupils to engage in a wide variety of activities, to develop their skills and confidence, to engage with both the local and wider community, and to experience the beauty and culture of Switzerland.