Age guidelines

Pupils are eligible to join the year groups below if, by 31 August during their proposed year of entry, their age is as follows:


Age of entry (by 31 August)

Key Stage External Exams
Primary Nursery 3 Early Years  
 Reception  4
Y1 5 KS1  
Y2 6
Y3 7 KS2  
Y4 8
Y5 9
Y6 10
Secondary Y7 11 KS3  
Y8 12
Y9 13
Y10 14 KS4 GCSE
 September 2020 Y11 15
 September 2021 Y12 16 KS5 or 6th form A Levels
  September 2022 Y13 17


In exceptional circumstances, pupils may be considered for entry outside the given year group. This will be discussed during the application process.


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