Admissions procedure

Our admissions procedure normally includes:

  • Initial enquiry and registration of a pupil’s details (see ENQUIRY button below)
  • Consideration of the application and any supporting documentation
  • A report from the previous school or nursery, where appropriate
  • A visit by the pupil and parents and/or a discussion via telephone or online video call
  • Submission of a completed application form, on receipt of which the child’s name is registered (see APPLY button below)
  • The offer of a place, or advice should it not be possible to offer a place

The majority of children join us at the beginning of an academic year. However, vacancies arise at other times and, depending on the circumstances, children can be admitted at any time of the year. We maintain a waiting list for year groups that are full.


If you have any questions, if you need further information, or would like to arrange a visit to GES


If you would like to register your child(ren) for an available place at school


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