GES Secondary

For fifty years, GES has worked hard to maintain a small school ethos, limiting its intake of students to ensure that both the personal and the academic development of every individual child is met. We are passionate about this ethos that fosters a nurturing, embracing learning environment that helps every student to flourish.

Students benefit from this same distinctive approach in GES Secondary while learning within a progressive and inspiring environment: a truly compelling choice for their character-defining years.

About us

Community and Global Outlook

GES Secondary is a community of students, parents and staff, and our objective is to unite this team to work towards the common goal of preparing students for their future. The school is designed to include parents in their child’s education; the school’s central Grand Cafe is there to welcome students, parents and staff each day.

The school also makes the most of technology to communicate effectively with parents, giving frequent updates of each child’s progress, and sharing any important learning milestones that students have reached.

GES Secondary also looks to the wider community, and makes the most of the incredible resources available in Geneva. Opportunities are sought to invite interesting and informative people into the school to talk to our students, or to visit the local international organisations and to take advantage of the stunning natural environment. Students are constantly encouraged to get involved in the local community to find ways of positively affecting the people around them.

Learning environment

Starting from a blank canvas has meant we have been able to design an environment that can adapt to suit the changing needs of learners and is fit-for-purpose for today’s young people.

Working with renowned Dutch educational architect, Dirk Jan Postel we have designed a space that suits the varied needs of a dynamic and contemporary school. It is designed for best possible engagement, cooperation, creativity, and to connect learning across subjects.

Your child will learn in inviting, multi-functional spaces, equipped with state-of-the-art resources and within an environment that welcomes students, teachers and parents.

Food & the Grand Café

Food is served each day in the Grand Café, and mealtimes are an opportunity for students and staff to sit down together and develop positive relationships.

Students are also welcome to bring a packed lunch to school with them. Termly costs can be found on our fees page.

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