Leadership Team

The staff at GES Secondary are a group of educators and professionals who believe that in order to best prepare children for their future, we need to look at not just what they learn, but how they learn it.

Tim Meunier, Headmaster

“For children to acquire the attributes, skills, flexibility and open-minded approach that will be needed in global citizens of the future, a new type of secondary education is needed.
The expansion of Geneva English School to an all-through school, providing continuity of education from 3-18, will provide an exciting and compelling new choice for children and parents in this part of Switzerland. Our small-school ethos and family atmosphere, in which children are known as individuals, will now be made available to secondary students in an exciting, interconnected learning environment. Our brand of education will be truly distinctive. We will break down the barriers between different areas of the curriculum, encouraging our students to think laterally, creatively and critically. Our teaching and learning will be active, engaging and flexible, able to respond to the needs of individuals. Our students will be self-motivated learners. They will understand the relevance and meaning of what they study, and relish being part of an open-minded, outward-looking community of enquiry. In short, Geneva needs a new secondary school that looks to the future and equips young people for a rapidly changing world in which creativity, confidence, adaptability and teamwork will be vital attributes for success and fulfillment.”

Tim Meunier, GES Headmaster

Patrick LeRoy, Finance and Business Development Director

"Educators now know that children learn best when they study in a flexible environment that is able to respond to the needs of different learning activities. Not always do we learn best when we’re sitting at desks. Sometimes we need space to move around and to be on our feet. Sometimes a big table inspires the best collaboration and critical thinking - where everyone within the group has a voice. At other times comfy seating is what’s needed. So, rather than forcing children and teachers to work within the confines of a rigid space, we have created a flexible, easily adaptable, learning area for our secondary pupils in Versoix. This is enabling the teachers to produce the most appropriate environment for the type of learning that’s happening. It’s a space that can transform within moments. The secondary pupils are loving the areas where they can write their ideas and plans on the walls and windows – this helps them to think big. They’re also enjoying the cubes: snug, quiet, comfortable spaces for reading, thinking or using laptops. In all, it’s a flexible, dynamic, community-friendly learning space and is reflective."

Patrick LeRoy, Finance and Business Development Director

Catherine Peart, Assistant Head

“At GES Secondary, we embody, live and model the values and ideas that we teach. In this way, they become real and authentic for our students, and consequently they have a deeper impact on them. Our team of educators work very closely together. Every day, our students see us discussing, collaborating and working as an effective team. Often in big schools, teachers work in their own little vacuum without any exchange of ideas because the school is too big or because of the physicality of the building with departments in different ends of the school. Or, teacher collaboration only happens in the staff room, hidden from the students. We want this to be visible, for our students to see how important it is. Our school has been designed with the values of collaboration and teamwork at its centre. We don’t have a hidden staffroom. We don’t have distinctive and separate physical departments in the school. We can all teach in any room. This encourages movement and fluidity of ideas among our educators. It also enables students to see their learning less in terms of separate subjects, but more in terms of the common thread of key skills that unites all the curriculum. Our Grand Cafe is a multi-functional space for communication and exchange of ideas between students, teachers and parents. We are eager to avoid the usual outdated hierarchy of schools, the ‘us and them’ of students and teacher. We want to empower our students and to create a real community.”

Catherine Peart, GES Secondary Leader

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