Our Philosophy

We aim to provide our students with a school they love going to; a school centred around enquiry, creativity, expression and enjoyment, with an education that best prepares them with the skills and attributes they will need in their future:


We believe people’s imagination and inventiveness are what make their potential contribution to the world unique and valuable. Students need opportunities to develop and exercise their creativity throughout the entire curriculum - using imaginative thought to solve complex and multi-faceted problems, articulately arguing an idea or expressing an opinion, designing experiments or testing theories. We help our students to understand that each individual has something particular and purposeful to offer a situation.


School may well end at age 18, but education does not. We promote the important mindset of life-long learning to everyone at GES. That starts with fostering an interest in learning, which leads to a love of learning. At GES Secondary we give students the time and support to develop the skills they need to pursue passions and interests in order to develop a love of learning. Our team of educators give the students chances to experiment and make mistakes, and guide them towards improvements.


For our students to get the most out of their lives, both personally and professionally, they need to have the confidence to know how and when to ask pertinent questions, to be able to eloquently express their ideas to different audiences, and to believe in their own potential. Our approach to learning helps develop students’ confidence by offering a range of opportunities, rewarding effort, giving encouragement, enabling students to take risks and make mistakes, and valuing diversity.


We believe that cooperation and collaboration is integral to success and fulfilment in life. At GES Secondary, we foster an environment in which students are encouraged to discuss and share ideas and where they understand that they can learn as much from each other as from their teacher. We develop their ability to listen intently to their peers and to critically assess and question other people’s ideas. We enable their ability to effectively support each other in their learning and in doing so, students gain independence and confidence.


Our learning community is centred around the student, and the student benefits most when staff and parents work together. Opportunities for effective communication between students, staff and parents are found throughout the school; from the building’s interconnected design, to the technology platforms we use. We learn best when we learn together, and we constantly seek ways of making use of the expertise within our community.

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