School of the future

“Schools are not fit for their 21st Century purpose, and they have to change. It’s no good leaving this change to politicians, it needs to be owned by parents.”

Guy Claxton, Educating Ruby.

The most common models of education used around the world today have their foundations in the latter part of the 19th Century. This industrial era, mass-production model trained students to be compliant and passive. This model is no longer suitable for the world in which today’s children live.

GES Secondary provides a compelling new ground-up style of education that, as well as achieving good academic qualifications, looks at what skills and qualities will most benefit our students and how we can help them to develop. These are skills like creativity, resilience, confidence, teamwork and leadership. In order to appropriately prepare students for their future, we also need a school that best simulates the varied tasks and challenges they will face as adults. Looking into a GES Secondary classroom, you will see students who are productively involved in a learning-focused discussion, or contributing to a team activity. You will see students around the school who are good self-motivators and who can manage their time and responsibilities effectively.

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