“My choice was not just down to the academic learning, although that is very important. It was more about being certain my daughter was getting a well-rounded education. I could see the effort and attention to detail that went into the learning at GES Primary and was confident this would continue into the secondary years, which it has.”
Melanie McGarry, GES Secondary Parent

“We are a small group so we can talk to anyone we want and our choice is heard to improve the school.”
Olivier, GES Secondary

“GES Secondary is unique and special because the teachers have developed a close bond with us meaning that the teachers know us not just by our names, but by our personalities.”
Cora, GES Secondary student

“GES Secondary is a unique place because in bigger schools you don’t know everyone but here everyone knows everyone. This is important because you can have personal connections. It’s like a family.”
Ollie, GES Secondary student

“This school is so alive and bright. The school is small and that means I get to know everyone better. I love this school because it is active and I learn and do new things every day. The teachers and my friends are like my family.”
Lucie, GES Secondary student

“This school gives us many amazing opportunities to learn and have fun! I feel like I have learnt so much. We are a small community, we are all open and we work as a good team.”
Dina, GES Secondary student

“Each day my brain blossoms and expands in exciting and fun ways.Colombe, GES Secondary student

GES, the best ever investment for my child. GES parent

Out of 24 students, 5 have gone to study to Oxbridge. Congrats! GES parent

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