Geneva English School



Art at GES adheres to the 2014 British Art National Curriculum framework. This is organised into the following components: Generating Ideas, Knowledge and Understanding, Evaluating and Self Assessment and Making (Drawing, Painting, Printing, Textiles, Sculpture/3D and Digital).

Our approach is first and foremost for Art to be stimulating, fun and to ignite a life long love for creating, Throughout the year, activities have been carefully planned to ensure a variety and progression of skills and projects which often reflect the topic that the children have been working upon in their classes, but will often also involve Generating Ideas, Art History and Higher Order thinking too. As from the start of this year, bi-lingual French is being introduced in our classes.

Links are made with other subjects to show how art and design both reflect and shape our history, and contribute to the culture, creativity and wealth of the world. We take advantage of our location to inspire creativity and link to projects at, for example, the United Nations.
Curriculum art is enhanced by a variety of opportunities to participate in lunchtime and after school activities which may focus on specific types of art such as watercolour or printing.

Our specialised Art Space is a transformative place to dream. During the length of the class, each child should have been able to dream, wonder, question, risk, doubt, venture forth, reflect, make errors, examine themselves, explore, feel fear, feel joy, experiment, find their voice. Art is vital to all children’s wellbeing.