Clubs and Activities

We provide an extensive range of activities at lunchtime and after school. Most of them are run by our enthusiastic staff members at no cost, and a few paid activities such as street dance, ballet, judo, playball or golf are taught by external teachers.

As the children progress through primary, we provide an increasing number of activities that cater for different interests and talents.

Activities help equip children with a range of important skills and attributes such as commitment, confidence, creativity and craftsmanship.

Educational visits

Educational visits enhance the curriculum and add relevance and excitement to learning in real-life situations. They help children to build confidence and offer opportunities for collaboration outside the classroom.

As part of the curriculum, the children have the opportunity to visit sites of interest and culture such as the Juraparc, the Art and History Museum, the Natural History Museum, local caves, specific exhibitions, French theatres or the River Allondon.

At the beginning of each academic year, Year 5 go to Les Gets to study nature in a mountain area, while Year 6 go to St Luc to visit the Roman Amphitheatre and walk on the Planetary Path. These trips take place at the beginning of the year in order to encourage children and their teachers to get to know each other and learn to work together as a team.

Every year in June, we hold an Activity Week to celebrate the children’s achievements and friendships, and to further develop independence and confidence. All the children from Year 2 upwards enjoy a residential trip (3 to 5 days long) with their teachers and teaching assistants, either in Switzerland (Kandersteg, la Tsoumaz, Torgon, Saanen) or in France (Prénovel, Arles, Yvoire).