Academic Overview

Teaching and learning at GES aims to make the most of children’s natural curiosity to explore and be inquisitive. By nurturing children with our child-centred and individual approach we strive to ensure they leave GES Primary as genuine, creative, thinking individuals with a love and enthusiasm for learning. We encourage resilience and craftsmanship: taking pride in completing tasks to the best of their ability, being determined, looking for improvement and learning from mistakes.

We also empower children to become educated global citizens. We encourage them to be open minded to new ideas and new people, different cultures and different beliefs.

Equipped with all of these transferable skills, a smooth transition to the demands of secondary education is ensured.

Throughout GES we broadly follow the English National Curriculum whilst also taking full advantage of our international and multicultural setting and the wonderful opportunities offered by our location and environment.

Key Stage 1

In Key Stage 1 the core subjects of Mathematics, English, Science and Computing are taught together with the foundation subjects of Geography, History, Art, Music, Dance and Drama, and Physical Education. In addition to these subjects, we have a strong commitment to the teaching of French.

Children in Key Stage 1 are taught holistically through a 'topic approach'. Children are encouraged to learn both practically and academically through investigation and problem solving and all work is monitored to ensure that each child is making the desired progress. We encourage children to take pride in their individual achievements and become increasingly independent. Particular attention is given to the children’s social and emotional development.

Key Stage 2

Key Stage 2 is made up of the same core and foundation subjects covered in Key Stage 1. Wherever possible, teaching enables cross-curricular links to be made in the children’s learning, meaning that several subjects can be linked to one theme. Topics are structured to allow children the freedom to explore new subjects in a stimulating way, encouraging a natural enthusiasm for independent learning. Our commitment to the teaching and integration of French is strong and we can cater for all levels of linguistic facility, from beginner to fluent.

As the children progress to Years 5 and 6 a greater degree of autonomy and independence is expected of them. They are encouraged to accept new levels of responsibility and demonstrate skills of leadership, collaboration and research.

During the latter part of Key Stage 2, although subject teaching becomes more defined, we continue to provide opportunities that highlight the need for transferable skills and knowledge - essential real-life attributes. Children become self-motivated learners, increasingly independent in the way they plan and complete their studies, and produce individual projects.

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