Key Stage 5

At Key Stage 5, we will offer the A-level Diploma programme. This is a varied programme of study, made up of five elements:

Core studies

Three or four A-level subjects, chosen from a menu of more than 15 subjects

Complementary studies

A wide variety of courses designed to provide breadth and complement the core studies, linking ideas across all disciplines. Some are examined/certificated (e.g. AS courses, DELF/DALF French) and others non-examined (e.g. critical thinking, ancient and modern languages, computing, robotics, psychology)

Individual project

A project is chosen by the individual and mentored by a member of staff. A variety of outputs possible (e.g. extended essay, short story, presentation, artwork, website, computer program, scientific paper, design, model)

Enrichment activities

Clubs and activities chosen by the individual and in many cases student-led (e.g. sport, International Duke of Edinburgh Award, outdoor pursuits, community service, entrepreneurship, music, drama, art, technology, science, debating, philosophy, politics, French journalism, poetry)


Personal, social, health and citizenship education; university and careers advice; visiting speakers

In addition, the School will offer a variety of trips and visits, some as part of the curriculum (e.g. field trips, visits to exhibitions and museums) and some optional (e.g. sports tours, ski trips, cultural visits, language exchanges, outdoor adventure, exploration).

Secondary Campus

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