Preparing today’s children to become successful, responsible, fulfilled global citizens requires a new type of secondary education. It needs to be one that looks to the future, equipping young people for our rapidly changing world in which creativity, confidence, adaptability and collaboration will be vital attributes.

The expansion of GES to provide education for children of all ages (3 to 18) offers a compelling new option for parents in and around Geneva that meets this need.

Approaches to learning

Our teaching approach prepares students for their future. We use the most modern educational methodology. Students not only learn the important subject content, but also develop their individual, often unique, talents. Learning focuses on developing key skills such as creatively solving  problems, confidently communicating ideas, working collaboratively, and approaching tasks in an open-minded way. These are threads that bind the whole curriculum.

Interconnected curriculum

We blur the traditional lines between different areas of the curriculum, enabling students to connect their learning across subjects, and encouraging them to think critically and creatively in all their learning. The curriculum focuses on the same set of key skills - analysing, evaluating, problem-solving, reasoning, synthesising - in every subject. This means that the curriculum is much more coherent and enables students to make connections and apply these skills across subjects.

Fitness, sport, and health education

Pupils take part in weekly sessions of physical education led by our Head of Sport. The programme of study draws on the outstanding local resources to ensure that our students get access to a wide variety of physical activities. We create a breadth of opportunity that gives pupils the chance to find the sport or activity about which they can be passionate.

Academic support

Given a proficient level of English, we welcome all pupils. We assess and respond to students’ individual learning needs. Our approach to academic support is very inclusive. Where appropriate, we aim to support students with additional academic needs within the classroom context.


We have drawn upon the latest research in assessment to design a system focussed on improving learning. You can read more about this by clicking here.

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