Pastoral Care and Wellbeing

Our curriculum is designed to help our pupils to flourish not only within the classroom, but outside and beyond into the future.

Pastoral support

Individual attention and personalised support is central to our approach and it is a key part of what makes our school unique. Our students are supported throughout every stage of their secondary education but are also well prepared for their lives beyond GES Secondary. Social, moral, spiritual and cultural development are embedded throughout our students learning experience. It is visible in all aspects of our school life.

Our pastoral structure is centred around vertical tutor groups which are formed by students from mixed years and each group has their own assigned tutor. This system enables students to develop friendships, support networks, peer mentors and role models in different year groups throughout our school community. Research has shown that this system benefits a school environment by vastly improving learning relationships and helping the students to feel that they are members of the whole community rather than just a year group. We also encourage our students and parents to share and discuss their concerns and worries with our community of teachers.

Student voice and influence

Schools exist to provide an education for students, and they deserve some control and conversation about what that education looks like. Students at GES Secondary are encouraged to talk to staff and parents about their school experiences. They are keenly listened to and their ideas and suggestions are acted upon. We want our students to develop a pride and ownership in the school, and have the confidence to communicate issues and suggest improvements.

School Council

Our GES Secondary school council has a central position in our school; it works in close collaboration with the teachers to ensure that our school fits the needs of our pupils. Since the secondary school only opened in September 2016, school council has the great opportunity to influence and affect the future of GES Secondary.

Each year group has two representatives who are democratically voted in by their peers. In addition, we have a treasurer, a secretary and the ECO school council committee. School council is very much involved in all of the school’s decisions, big and small. The council also drives through their own initiatives about issues that matter to them. School Council is heavily involved in creating and influencing our school policies about use of ICT, bullying, rewards and sanctions and teaching and learning. We do not know what we would do without their innovative input and ideas!

PSHCE (Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship and Economic Education)

PSHCE is an essential part of our students’ social and emotional development. It gives our students the opportunity to consider and question, in a safe and supportive environment, their role and place within the world around them. We explore six core themes:

  • Being the Best I Can Be and Being a Citizen
  • Celebrating Difference and Respecting Rights
  • Managing Risk and Getting Help
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Staying Safe and Staying Healthy
  • The Wider World

Through these topics, we encourage students to question, reflect on and discuss various different pertinent issues.

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